Black Pearl Jimbaran Bay, Sail Like a Pirate!!!

Black Pearl Jimbaran Bay, Sail Like a Pirate!!!

Black Pearl Jimbaran Bay, Bali, Jimbaran, Sunset Sailing, Sunset, Uluwatu

Well hay!!! Deep in the fishing village called Kelan, there’s a new attraction that will attracts every tourists who come to Bali to do this new awesome stuff that is never existed before on the island of gods. Bali has lots of sunset spots, especially in the southern part of this island, let’s say Jimbaran,Uluwatu, and other hidden beaches which are lined up in the southern coast. These are the areas that have dope sunset which can be enjoyed from the shore. But how about if you can enjoy the phenomenal sunset from the sea directly? So these are the details of my awesome sunset sailing with a boat called Black Pearl, sail like a pirate at The Black Pearl Jimbaran Bay!!!

Black Pearl Jimbaran Bay, Bali, Jimbaran, Sunset Sailing, Sunset, Uluwatu

Chilling out at the beach bar could be the best thing that you can do before sunset sailing


Black Pearl is a converted traditional fishing boat, the crew turned the fishing boat into a cool pirate boat that will bring you to enjoy the best sunset in Bali. It is equipped with sound system, Cold Beers, cozy seats, and nets on the right and left side of the boat, so that you can lay down right above the sea, it is just like a hammock. Is this pirate boat safe? Well, I won’t make a review of this dope attraction if it isn’t safe enough buddy, but if you can’t swim, then don’t try to jump out to the sea, jumping out to sea is not a good idea for those who can’t swim.

Black Pearl Jimbaran Bay, Bali, Jimbaran, Sunset Sailing, Sunset, Uluwatu

Black Pearl Jimbaran Bay, Bali, Jimbaran, Sunset Sailing, Sunset, Uluwatu, Sunset Cruise

They also have dope beach bar, awesome!!!

Do they have any life jacket? Yes of course, and they also have GPS on their boat. So I can wear the life jacket right? Yap, if you can’t swim, it is better if you wear the life vest, all crew members grew up as sea wanderers since they were children, so they have great swimming skill, and that’s why you don’t need to worry if you dragged away by the tides, they can easily safe your life. Since the business has growing so fast, now they also have a beach bar at the Jimbaran bay with the same name like the pirate boat.


The sunset sailing usually will start from 03.00 or 03.30 Pm to 08.00 Pm, it is better if you book it a week before sailing, because if you book it a day before I am afraid that you won’t get empty slot.  A different way of enjoying the breeze, tides, and dazzling sunset, are what they are going to over, this attraction is still fresh so that not many tourists know about it. You can also see lots of surfing spots and white sandy beaches which are lined up in southern coast of Bukit Peninsula, from Jimbaran to Uluwatu.  Cold drink, beer, awesome music are the other cool stuff that they can over to you, and don’t forget the dolphins, if you are lucky you can also see the dolphins.


I arrived at the bar at 03.00 Pm, my friend who is actually lives on this village since he was a boy managed to organize this trip, just like I said before, we agreed to do the sailing trip a week before, and my friend took care all of the booking stuff, I did this cool activity with 4 friends of mine, before it began the crew asked us, did we want to bring beers during the trip or not, and we answered fckin yes!!! With loud voice and full of spirit. Ohh we can’t just forget to bring beer right? The trip is not complete yet if we don’t bring any beers with us. Well, one unexpected thing happened during our trip, before it started the crew were not strong enough to push the boat from the shore to the sea, so five of us need to helped them, it was a bit tiring, but I thought it’s okay, we still need stretching before sailing like a pirate right? Sir aye sir!!!

Black Pearl Jimbaran Bay, Bali, Jimbaran, Sunset Sailing, Sunset, Uluwatu

Here’s their Instagram: @yokooriki,@aangyahya,@denishasinay,@bagusadilaksana By the way, the boat that we used to sail is a bit different, since they have 2 boats, the photo that we took from is the smaller one, the price is about Rp. 1.000.000, and the boat that we used during our sunset sailing is bigger, and it is about Rp. 3.000.000, both boats are awesome, just choose which one do you like.

The boat had finally pushed to the sea, thanks to us who were fckin strong enough to push it, well, if bad thing happens like suddenly we get fired, maybe we can just apply job as a boat pusher, wew what a dream job. At last we sailed to the sea, they brought us to see amazing white sandy beaches with world class surfing spots, and we also saw awesome hotels which were built up on the rock above the beach. We decided to stop at the sea near Uluwatu Beach and went swimming, we’re lucky that the tides are not so strong, so we could have a good time while swimming, after several minutes enjoying our time at the sea, finally we could see a very beautiful and stunning sunset, this sunset is one of the most perfect sunset that I’ve ever seen, if it was a girl I would fck her and marry her at the same time.

Black Pearl Jimbaran Bay, Bali, Jimbaran, Sunset Sailing, Sunset, Uluwatu

So we were there until the sun sets, and decided to go back when the day was already dark, when we arrived, the bar was already illuminated by lights and the music from the DJ was already tuned on, with such a good vibe, it made all of our fatigue just disappeared instantly. After had rest for several minutes we went to Jimbaran Fish Market, buy some fish, shrimps, and squid, then we brought it to a small Restaurant near the market, and asked them to cook it for us, it could be cheaper than if you buy the sea food directly to the Restaurant. Wew, our day ended up perfectly, we will come back again to sail with the awesome pirate boat, The Black Pearl !!!

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