Well hi!!!

I’m so surprised that there is someone wants to know more about me, but congratulation you’ve just touched down on a useless sharing platform owned by a weird man who lives on a paradise island, at least for now. Honestly, I am a bit confused about where should we begin this valuable chit chat, but let’s start from this travel blog first, here we go!!!

About Heyho Traveler

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This blog’s name contains 2 main words which are “Heyho” & “Traveler“, but why did I name it like that? All right, let’s start from the “Heyho” first! I took that word “Heyho” from a song by a legendary American punk rock band called Ramones, some of you might have heard of that name before. The title of the song is “Blitzkrieg Bop”, named after the German World War II tactic “blitzkrieg, which means “lightning war”. The blitzkrieg is a method of warfare used by German during World War II to break through the allied force’s line of defense in short, fast, powerful attacks and then dislocates the defenders, using speed and surprise to encircle them with the help of air superiority and armored vehicles. Can you please make that explanation a bit easier to understand? Well, it’s just a powerful and fast surprise attack, that’s it. It was the song that helped launch the Ramones as the roaring embodiment of New York or even World’s punk legend. Blitzkrieg Bop is an exciting song that can make everyone who listens to it become excited, and you gotta hear that song start from now! Let’s move to the other word which is “Traveler”! I guess you’ve already known the meaning of that word, traveler means a person who is traveling or often travels, and I am one of that kind of person, so word “Traveler” is referred to me. Come to the conclusion, I want Heyho Traveler as a sharing platform in a shape of travel blog inspires people to travel, motivates people when they are down, so they can get back up again, fully recharged with courage and spirit, become more excited about their passion,then start chasing their dream that has long been forgotten. Besides, Heyho Traveler sounds like a cool and exciting name isn’t it? You don’t believe that? Try to say “Heyho Traveler, Let’s Go!!!” in a loud voice full of spirit.

About me

Hi, my name is Dewa Aditya, a man behind this useless travel blog, are you? yes I am the author! I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia on July 07th 1994, but fully raised in Bali, and I am also a Balinese who often say and write rude words on my daily live.  Judge me, Judgment is my second real name. 


As what it looks, my passion is traveling as well as sharing my experience to the world. I’ve found my passions since I was in junior high school, but during that time I couldn’t afford this kind of stuff, so I started to travel somewhere around my home town riding motorcycle with a bit cash in my wallet just enough to buy gasoline and a bottle of mineral water. Just for your information, a junior high school kid in my country is not allowed yet to ride a motorcycle, but since I had been riding a motorcycle when I was in a fourth grade of elementary school and even though I didn’t have the license, I kept going. When things get hard and it seems no possibility to do what you want to do, but you keep finding out how to do it, then doing it anyway, that’s passion!!!

Never Been Abroad Before

Only when I’ve graduated from the university in 2016 as a Bachelor of Law, and found my first job, I could afford my passion, so I started traveling to the nearby islands like Lombok Island and Java Island in backpacker style. Well, as you know I live in Bali which is part of Indonesia, the biggest archipelago country in the world located in South East Asia that is still developing, they used to call a developing country like this the Third World Country where the economy of such countries is often not doing well, or it is just on the average level, salary and the currency are not so good in these countries, so that’s why even until now I have never been abroad. Reminder : When you come to Bali or other area in Indonesia and other developing countries, tourists from Western Europe, North America, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Australia, China, and other countries that are doing well with their economy, please don’t be fucking cheap!!! You know what I mean.

My Dream

With all of those limitations of mine, I resist to give up! My dream is traveling the world before I die, to be realistic, not to all countries in the world, but at least I can travel to some countries that are located on the six continents. how about Antarctica? Well, of  course I wanna go to Antarctica as well! I am still finding the way how to reach my fucking dream, help me up with that by supporting this Travel Blog, you can do that in many ways, you can share every post on this blog to your friends or social media, you can subscribe my blog to get to know the newest blog posts or you can just engage on every article in blog. With a little help from you, it means so much for me. 

What I Believe

I believe that everyone should have their own way of life and It’s in their hand. For me, a freedom is absolute, everyone has the right to own it. So don’t chain your soul to a boss who is much more like a dog, to a company that doesn’t even care with its workers and treat them like shits, and to the way of life that doesn’t even fit in with you. This is your life, It’s your freedom, all of those are in your hand, so own it, enjoy it, and be free !