Well hay !!! It’s me Aditya a man behind this useless travel blog. I named it Heyho Traveler because it sounds cool and exciting, that’s it. I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia on July 07th 1994, but grew up in Bali.

For now I am not a traveler, I just love to wandering around the island. I am originally from Bali so I am a pure Balinese. My father was a soldier so that was why we moved a lot, every time my father had new tasks and missions that was the time when I myself, my mother and brother got to move with him from one island to the other island in Indonesia, and I think that is why I  love traveling and wandering around besides those things are also my natural instinct.

I am a Bachelor of Law, I graduated from the university in 2016. I believe that everyone should have their own way of life and It’s in their hand. For me, a freedom is absolute, everyone has the right to own it. So don’t chain your soul to a boss who is much more like a dog, to a company that doesn’t even care with its workers and treat them like shits, and to the way of life that doesn’t even fit in with you. This is your life, It’s your freedom, all of those are in your hand, so own it, enjoy it, and be free !!!